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sousuke yamazaki: [protects friend against what he initially misjudged as a threat]
sousuke yamazaki: [gives pep talk to upset teammate]
sousuke yamazaki: [spends extra time coaching said teammate]
sousuke yamazaki: [helps someone else achieve the goal that he cant]
sousuke yamazaki: [in general actively makes an effort to be a good person]
fandom: i dont know hes kind of a dick

BasicallyGood character: *has one character flaw*
Fandom: This character is terrible--who's the REAL bad guy here?
Bad character: *lies, cheats, steals, pillages, murders*
Fandom: He had a really hard childhood okay

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friendly reminder that when Fujimaki-sensei said every boy had porn mags that includes kuroko

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friendly reminder that rin will have the second impact when he learns about sousuke’s shoulder