5.20 in Shanghai



I love this man! Know why I love this man? I’ll give you some reasons!
Reasons to Love Morikawa Toshiyuki
1) Because his voice is like that of a sex gods, wrapped in sexy lust chocolate and served on a porn plate.
2) Despite being 45 years old, he’s still a giant kid at heart.
3)He has considerable fame in his career and is still as humble and sweet as ever, despite it.
4)Has voiced up to 3 characters, at once *take that bitches*
5)Is this gorgeous perfect mix of sexy and adorable that makes him so lovable.
6)Started his own agency, despite getting a lot of flack for it and is absolutely RULING with it like a boss.
7)He’s an animal lover *how can anyone hate an animal lover!?*
8)He’s friendly to fans, and sweet and lovable and is a giant teddy bear of love.
9)Have you seen the mans smile lately? Go take a look.
10)Is simply just that awesome.

YESYESYES he is SO kind to his fans and is just a giant dork with the heart of a kid and dnsajdlasnks I’m so glad I had the chance to meet him at AX last year and even shake his hand…!
MoriMori is just…simply amazing.

OMGG DANIELLE! You did? I so envy you now! *A* I love him to the bits <3 


Mine confession <3

Tomokazu Sugita’s voice is, like, the funniest thing ever.



just listen to/watch this and this and this.

I can’t get enough of Gintoki’s screams. XD

((i think you’ll love it, too. Jun. ;D ))

That’s why he’s one of my top 3 seiyuu. I love this man ♥


♥ request by chiisanahoshi.