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(“Big deal” as in either I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a big deal or it doesn’t really matter to me that I’m single)

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Aka not every girl wears really really low cut shirts just to flaunt them and get what they want/not every girl loves having them or feels lucky to have them


Unless you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll never be able to understand.BY 90’S KID I DON’T MEAN ANYONE BORN IN THE 90’S! I’m also talking about late 80’s kids too, or anyone whose childhood was in the 90’s. If you were born in like, 1997 I don’t know if you watched the same shows….

Since it’s says 80’s kids too, oh yess. I’ve lost most of my interest after 2000 too afterall.

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Note: I’m usually talking about food.

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Explanation: This is for those posts where the bottom of the post reads things like “IF YOU DON’T REBLOG THIS, YOU ARE HEARTLESS!” or “REBLOG THIS IF YOU CARE!” If you choose not to reblog it, it doesn’t mean that you don’t give a crap. I personally reblog a few, especially the ones that help spread awareness about certain issues, but not reblogging it doesn’t mean you’re a heartless bitch.

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